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Altitude activities offer Powered Paragliding

Join us at paragliding in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country. Its greenery and vast forests, lakes and meadows are mesmerising. Especially when you experience them from a bird’s eye perspective. So why not combine amazing views with some adrenaline, why not try something new, why not go paragliding in Slovenia. Altitude activities offers tandem flights above one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia.

You do not need any previous experience for paragliding in Slovenia, just a taste for adventure and lack of fear of heights. You first make a few steps to help your guide start a flight, and then you just sit back, …

Online camping stores: Camping Equipment & Camping Gear

Best Camping Essentials Available on Online Camping Shops

One of the most favorite and followed recreational activity is camping. Active weekenders choose to camp with their friends or family members. Or people have long vacations also plan to camp for a relatively long time. It seems really smooth to camp anywhere and has a good time, but it can prove to be really uncomfortable if you dint pick the must-have camping essentials before taking off.

We are here to introduce to you a few camping essentials which you can find in online camping shops. This list does not include common-sense items like tents, bedding, water bottles, etc. Rather, …

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